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At Cougar Liaisons UK our aim is to connect mature, experienced women with young, adventurous toyboys for dating, hookups and no strings attached encounters. In modern society age difference is no longer a critical factor and relationships which were considered taboo previously are no longer even considered unusual. Men and women are more determined than ever to openly seek the exact relationship that suits their needs without fear of judgement. Perhap you are a sexy British cougar who is hugely turned on by the prospect of a sexy, young toyboy with the energy and enthusiasm required to liven up your day? Or are you a young cub determined to have some fun and gain some experience and know-how at the hands of a naughty older lady. Well signup to Cougar Liaisons UK for FREE to get your cougaring adventures started.

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Cougar Dating Made Easy

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We are dedicated to providing a discreet and secure online dating platform specifically tailored for sexy mature women looking to chat, flirt, connect, date and hookup with adventurous and energetic younger men. Our cougar dating members our real, verified members from throughout the United Kingdom and share a passion for dating sexy cougars and milfs or toyboys and cubs. Once you signup for FREE you can setup your profile immediately and search for potential matches based on age, status, ethnicity, location, sexual preferences and even favourite position. No matter what your personal cougar dating preferences we will have a suitable match for you.

Why Young Men Love Cougar Dating

If being honest, most young men will admit to harbouring secret fantasies about meeting and being seduced and bedded by an attractive older woman who is experienced and sophisticated. And let’s be honest, there’s something irresistibly hot about a sexy, older women who loves taking control, knows exactly what she wants and isn’t shy about going after it. Add an insatiable sexual desire to that experience and appeal and you have the perfect date. Older women want to have fun and they certainly know how to please. So isn’t it obvious why young cubs love to date and hookup with mature cougars?

Why Young Men Love Cougar Dating

Why Cougars Love Dating Young Men

Why Cougars Love Dating Young Men

Cougars are well-known for knowing exactly what they want and when they want it. Usually they’ve been through the whole marriage or long-term relationship thing and coming out the other side they are now more interested in relationships or hookups that meet all of their demands and desires on their own terms. However, men at the same stage of their lives are usually married or can simply no longer keep up in the bedroom. It’s no surprise that they start casting their eyes longingly at younger men who have the vitality, energy and spunk to fulfill their needs. And who can blame them for trying their hand at cougar dating!

The Benefits of Mature Women and Sexy Toyboys Dating

1. Older Women Have Experience to Share – Call it the Mrs Robinson effect if you will, but most young men have, at one time or another, a fantasy about being seduced and ‘educated’ by a sexy, mature woman. And the good news is that lots of older women are more than happy to share their ‘experience’ with energetic and adventurous younger men in mutually beneficial arrangements and relationship.

2. Young Cubs Have Bundles of Energy – one of the benefits of youth is the abundance of testosterone, adventure and energy, all just waiting to be guided in the right direction by the right hand.

3. Cougars Are Less Needy and Demanding – when you’ve been around the dating and relationship block once or twice you tend to have learnt your lessons and picked up a few tips here and there. As a result mature women who try cougar dating tend to be less needy for approval and affection and less demanding of your time. Usually the only demand is to be upfront and respectful.

4. Younger Men Are Eager to Please – while maybe somewhat lacking in experience or finesse you will always find that younger gentlemen are more than eager to please and are always more than willing to try make for any potential shortcomings and aim to please in the bedroom with eagerness and enthusiasm.

5. Commitment is Not a Requirement – You can skip talk of long-term plans or future relationship goals – cougar dating is all about the here and now. While respect and honesty is obviously required the need to commit to anything further is not usually required and that typically suits both parties perfectly well. Isn’t that a great benefit compared to your more standard dating and relationships.

Great First Cougar Date Ideas
Tips for Meeting Real British Cougars
Tips for Meeting Real British Cougars

If you’re looking to meet local cougars online for fun and dating, here’s some advice on how to make your profile appealing. Follow these tips and you should have an inbox full of potential cougar dates!

Your Photos – Have clear pictures on your profile. Try a mixture of ‘professional’ shots – not by a pro photographer, we mean you in smart work attire – and a few that show that you’re a well-rounded person, more casual pics of yourself at bars, music festivals, traveling, and so on.

If you’re confident about your body and you want to include a shirtless pic, try and find a reason to do so – use one of you at the beach, or jumping into a pool, so there’s a reason for being shirtless! Women will find gratuitous shirtlessness tasteless and unappealing.

Hopefully you’re well-dressed, and attractive enough. If you’re not, consider asking a sister or a female friend to give you an image overhaul before setting up your profile. They’ll be delighted and you get a free consultation with the people best-placed to tell you exactly what women find attractive – so use it!

About You – Fill out your profile truthfully and thoroughly. Keep your interests, tastes and reference points broad enough to appeal to a lot of people, but don’t lie, whatever you do.

Try to come off like a cool, well-rounded, person. Mention being active, working out, hiking etc. but not too much – yoga is cliche, for example – and only if it’s true!

Cougars are likely to be impressed that you have you shit together, so talk about the varied, intellectual, artistic hobbies that you have. And if you don’t have some, do yourself a favour and get some. You’re not even going to get a one-off fling if the cougar thinks you’re not going to turn up, or if you’re going to ask her to lend you a twenty afterwards.

This is a big one, and it’s kind of the most difficult one. Make sure it seems like you’re financially solvent. It’s hard to hint at on an online dating profile, but if you mention you have hobbies like travel, surfing, etc., the cougar will get the point. They don’t want to be fucking with some broke scrub in his twenties – cougars are generally loaded and they have kids and don’t need another mouth to feed!

About Them – Older women take the time to read profiles and understand them – they’re generally not following some sort of ‘game plan’ of swiping left on hundreds of pictures, or firing off the same introductory message to dozens of guys to bait them.

Their profiles will generally be long and contain one or two ‘facts’ or ‘dealbreakers’ about themselves. Make sure you read these and reference them! Remember to compliment them on their profile, when you get around to messaging them – they will appreciate it because they will have put a lot of time and thought into their profiles.

What Next? – When you find a cougar’s profile – with your age range on, or even just by accident – read the profile, through, then read it again. Make your browser window full-screen. Make it the only thing you’re focusing on. Turn your music or that podcast off and read the profile about three or four times.

Your first message has to be good. Don’t just say ‘hey’. Don’t mention ‘I like older women’. Don’t say ‘I’m mature for my age!’ These are tired tropes of dealing with cougars. Don’t mention age at all. Message her about something from her profile. When she replies, keep the chat going. Pretend you’re making small talk at a party. And ask if she wants to meet for a drink within five longish messages – this isn’t MySpace, man. Make the move.

Be honest, direct and respectful. Be sincere. And don’t think you have a chance in hell of pulling the wool over her eyes – she’s going to be calling the shots!

Great First Cougar Date Ideas

So you’ve managed to bag yourself a date with that cougar you’ve been talking to online.  Congratulations! We are sure you are going to have an amazing time. In case you are wondering what kind of first date activity your cougar might prefer, here are some trusted ideas that are basically fail-safe.

Coffee – This may seem a little too basic, but it’s a classic, and for a good reason. Having coffee for a first date is a great way for you and your cougar to get to know each other better, experience each other’s physical company for the first time and get a feel of it in a safe, pressure-free environment. What’s more innocent than two people having a cup of java? Everyone (well, almost everyone) drinks coffee so why not combine the love for this with your date? After coffee, you can either go your separate ways or change the scenery and go do something else. Coffee makes a terrific ice-breaker and a neutral setting for a first date.

Drinks and Dinner – Another classic, again for a good reason. The good ol’ drinks & dinner date may seem like a cliché but trust us, it’s popular for a good reason and it’s one of the cougar dating essentials. Drinks serve as a nice prelude to the “actual” date, which is dinner. Why drinks? Well, to loosen the initial tension that is almost always present on a first date. You have a cocktail or two, chat for a while and see how much more relaxed you both will be. You can have your drinks in a bar or at the restaurant, it doesn’t matter. The dinner part is equally important. A nice, fancy restaurant is a great setting for you to show your class and style, to bond over some delicious food and wine and to get to know each other some more. Don’t forget to pick up the check!

Picnic – If you don’t feel like walking down the same beaten path of coffee dates and dinners, how about a nice picnic? It’s similar to a coffee date in a way it’s set in a neutral, but comfortable environment. In fact, it’s even better, because you’ll be outside, in the fresh air, enjoying the nature in all its beauty. However, make sure to plan carefully for this date. Pick a really nice, clean blanket, a fancy picnic basket with all the goodies inside – some delicious sandwiches, a cake perhaps, some champagne or a nice bottle of wine…Don’t use paper plates and plastic cups – if you can, spring for a picnic basket that comes with some nice china and glassware.

Concert or Theater – If you want to impress your cougar with style and class, take her to a nice concert, preferably a classic music concert or even opera, or go see a play. You can combine this with dinner or drinks, and it’s actually a good idea since you won’t be able to talk much during your concert or play. Of course, make sure to ask your date what she’s into musically and what kind of theater she enjoys. Don’t make the mistake of taking a woman who hates musicals to see The Producers – that would be your first and your last date, that’s for sure.

Museum – Going to a museum is a great combination of entertainment, education and simply looking at pretty things. Museums are great for first dates because you are in public but at the same time you are alone with your date. You can talk about the exhibits, about your tastes and preferences in general, or you can just chat about anything else as you stroll through the museum rooms and halls. Plus, your cougar date will be impressed when, instead of a movie, drinks or dancing, you ask her out to a museum!

It’s a fact that cougars love adventurous dates and being accompanied to new, exciting and sophisticated places  and the rewards you will get for expanding your horizons when it comes to coming up with date planning will be well worth the extra effort.

The Benefits of Mature Women and Sexy Toyboys Dating