Cougar Dating Tips for Young Irish Cubs

Why Cougars Love Dating Young Men

As you are now no doubt aware older women hooking up with and dating more energetic, younger men is now all the range in Dublin and throughout Ireland.

However, if you are a young Irish guy who prefers to date more mature women but has not done so before then you are probably wondering how best to go about it. Luckily we have put together some expert advice tips to consider when dating a cougar – if you follow these tips then you are already on the way to having a great relationship, or at least some great sex, with a cougar:

  1. Be Honest – older and mature women appreciate honesty. If you want to make an impression, you need to be honest with the cougar you are dating. Answer all questions with the truth and always be upfront with your emotions. This will show your date that you are mature and wise despite your young age. You should also keep in mind that older, mature and more experienced women can easily spot if you are lying. Honesty is really the route if you want to keep on dating the cougar you like.
  2. Be Physically Fit – one of the main reasons why many cougars prefer the company of younger men is the fact that younger men are virile, energetic, strong and have lots of stamina. This is why, if you want to attract older more mature women, you need to be physically fit. Exercise and the right diet can help you keep a physically fit state. Cougars will really like to date you if they see that you are a strong and energetic young man.
  3. Use our Dating Website – although it is all the rage right now, it can still be extremely difficult to chat to, meet or hookup with older women. Thankfully our dating website caters to this exact need – there is no need to worry if our members are not interested in younger men or are already taken. You can be sure our members share your passion for cougar dating so getting chatting and flirting straight away.
  4. Dress Nicely – by dressing nicely, you will be able to make a good impression on the cougar you are dating. Always be well groomed when going out on a date.
  5. Offer to Pay – one of the primary complaints of older women who date younger men if that they often feel cheap by being expected to pay for everything. And it is not the actual paying that they mind – it is the expectation that they should be paying. Always offer to pay or in the very least make gestures that show your lady she is appreciated. Believe me….you will be very well rewarded.
  6. very city has its own cougar bars where cougars go to meet young men. If you use some of the cougar dating tips outlined in this article, you will be able to meet an interesting cougar who will also be interested in you.

And above all other always be courteous and respectful to partners or any perspective partners.