Dos and Don’ts for Younger Men Dating a MILFS

Dos an Don’ts for Younger Men Dating a MILF

Older women dating younger men have become a growing trend these days. However, just like any other types of relationship, there are also dos and don’ts that one should remember to ensure a smooth and happy flow of the relationship.


Let the women hold the power in the relationship. When it comes to cougar dating, matured women will be more pleased if the cub will let them hold the reins in the relationship. An older woman will want to feel that you are hers and you belong to her alone.
Flatter her. Younger men should see to it that they make older women assured of their attractiveness in every sense of the word. Take note that many of these ladies are after some fun with fewer strings attached. So, compliment them when needed and touch them when necessary.
Join in her interests. Matured women usually have lots of interests that can certainly make your age gap less significant. It is the duty of younger men to make them feel young. Make sure that you follow her interests as she is also making some effort to make it much easier to date a younger man like you.
Make love as if she is the only women in the world. Cougar dating is most of the time all about fun and sex. When in bed, see to it that you blow her away. Make her crave more of you and if you are lucky, she could be yours forever. By making love with her and satisfy her needs, she wouldn’t even think of letting you go.

Don’t be insensitive. Her age doesn’t mean that she is desperate to find a man. Never let her feel as if she is simply a left over.
Don’t be childish. Women who engage in cougar dating have went through a lot in life and some could have even gone through a divorce or two. Older women dating younger men would expect that their date will act like a real man in their presence. These women want maturity to prevail more than anything else in a relationship.
Don’t expect too much from your date. It is specifically applicable to those older women who are child-centered. They will definitely want to have some fun with you but it doesn’t mean that they will forget about their responsibilities and focus on satisfying you alone. Younger men must know how to be reasonable and learn how to enjoy one thing at a time.

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Don’t insist on long term relationship. Many cougars are often divorcees. It means that they have already faced a lot of challenges and it is only now that they are finally enjoying their freedom. Most likely, they prefer to enjoy this new chapter in their life as a single lady. Insisting on a long term relationship early on may end up chasing her away. Instead, try to enjoy every moment you have together.