Laura-Jane Jones: Our Resident Cougar

Welcome! Laura-Jane Jones here, the resident cougar here on the Cougar Town Ireland Blog. It’s great to finally see a genuine site that is totally dedicated to cougars and cubs. As an admitted cougar myself who has seen her fair share of cubs I will be posting lots of info on here to explain a little about what to expect when a younger man hooks up with a mature woman. And for all you cougars out there, I will also give some tips about what to expect when getting together with a younger man.

So let’s start with the good stuff. Sex. Yes, there will be sex. Pretty good bet on that one. But what is different about sex with a woman who has ‘been around the block ‘ so to speak, compared with a woman in her twenties? Mostly the differences have to do with communication. Us mature types know what we like, and what we don’t like, and for the most part will explain it to you. This is not just about what position to use and all that mechanical stuff, its also about how soon the sex can start, what her expectations about the type of relationship you will have are going to be, who pays for what, and where and when you will meet up. In other words, there won’t be a lot of guesswork and you wont be worrying about how to read or interpret signals. So pay attention, relax and enjoy.

Game playing is just not big on the cougar agenda. So if you are frustrated with trying to master the mind-reading skills that some younger women seem to expect, a cougar just might be for you. Interested? Read on.

I’m going to start with my pet hate a a cougar. They say money can’t buy you love – but it can get some damn fine substitutes. One thing about cougars – they tend to have some. Money, that is. As a general rule, a woman of a cougaring age has had a chance to make her mark in the world – whether it is career, investments, or alimony. And when going out with younger men, we are well aware that we are often the ones with the deeper pockets. So, for you cubs, the upside is that your cougar will likely be able – and willing – to pay her share and possibly much more. Don’t be surprised (well, be pleasantly surprised, anyway) if she suggests a weekend away or a five-star dinner – her treat. The down side, is that if you are the type of male who prefers to do the planning and paying, this could be a blow to your ego. I suggest that if you want to be a cub – get over it! And don’t think a cougar wants to pay ALL the time. Do make an effort to do what you can. At least offer. Money can’t buy love. But it can sure pave the way to great sex!

So that’s all for now. I hope you have enjoyed me introducing myself and setting some things straight off the bat. Good! More tips and insights to follow – for cougars and cubs. Got questions about cougaring? Drop me a line here to say hello and fire in your questions.