Is Sex Better with a Cougar

Are MILFS Really Better Between the Sheets?

Over the last several years, you’ve probably seen a lot of talk about cougars. These are ladies who are a bit older and are interested in dating younger men and taking them under their wing. There has been a lot of promotion of cougars in the media as well. There are television shows and even movies that feature older women who are into younger men. If you really want to go back, then the most classic cougar story of all time is the movie “The Graduate.”

So this is really not a new concept at all, it has been around, and it’s only natural. But there is no denying that “cougar hunting,” to put it bluntly, is a lot more popular these days. If you are into the online dating scene, then you probably know that there are now a huge amount of dating sites that you can pick from that cater to older women looking for young men and vice versa.

And while there are actually a huge number of advantages that come with dating a cougar, the one that men usually harp on is the sex. It’s no surprise that this is a big issue, because sex is always a big issue with men – especially younger ones.

So what is the story? Is it a myth or is it real? Are older women really that much better in bed than younger ones?

Of course, there is no golden rule. But if you’re basing it on the rule of averages, then the answer to this question is a yes. Older women tend to be a lot better in bed than younger women, generally speaking. But why is that? Basically, it’s because they have more experience. And as you know, the more experienced you are at something, they better you are. As they say, practice makes perfect.


But there’s a lot more to it. Cougar, meaning women who are considered to be “middle aged” are in their sexual peaks. This goes for women in their later 30s and earlier 40s especially. At this time in their lives, they are primed to have better sex and want more of it.

And of course, since they are more experienced, they can teach you a lot of things in bed. The best thing is that since these older women are much more mature and confident, they don’t have a problem with teaching you. They are completely fine with giving you instructions in bed and letting you know exactly what they want. So if you’re with an older women in a relationship, the chances of learning more than a few new tricks in bed are huge.

So at the same time, if you’re dating a cougar, you are not only going to be having better sex and enjoying it more yourself, but you are also going to be learning how to be a better lover.

A lot of people who have been with older women say that nothing beats it. Most never want to go back to dating younger, inexperienced girls again. It’s just that good for some. So if you are looking to take a new step in your love life and try something new, dating a sophisticate older women is a good start.

And it’s not just about the sex. Relationships with older women are usually a lot more enjoyable, simply because they are not as needy and clingy as younger women tend to be. They let you have your own life, because they too have a life of their own that doesn’t have to include you.

So now you know that MILFS really are better between the sheets follow our exclusive guide to dos and don’ts when dating a MILF to ensure you keep the good times rolling.